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Hoists & Manual Handling

Do you regularly need assistance to get out of your chair or bed?
Are you caring for someone who is chair-bound or bed-bound?

We can help!  Melbourne Occupational Therapy Services will assist you with the correct hoist, transfer aid and/or technique for you and your situation. Safety is key!  We do not want any injuries for the client or carer. You need the correct technique, equipment and training.

Go to our ‘Contact & Referral’ page, email us your details and we will contact you.

Did you know carers are in the high-risk group for long-term back injuries?
Did you know that poor hoist & manual handling techniques can contribute to nasty pressure ulcers?
Injuries and pressure ulcers can be largely avoided with sound manual handling techniques and appropriate equipment.

We often see people taking ‘short-cuts’.  Short-cuts lead into bad habits, bad habits lead to chronic conditions such as back injuries and pressure ulcers.


1/ We assess the client.  We look at the client’s abilities and any medical, age-related or functional issues they may have.  We assess the client’s routines and how they currently transfer from their bed, chair, toilet etc.

2/ We assess your environment. We look at where the client sits, sleeps, bathes and toilets.  We also look at how much carer assistance is required and their manual-handling techniques.

3/ We then trial transfer equipment and teach techniques that best suit the client and carer(s).  We are not in the business of selling transfer equipment and hoists, so all our advice is unbiased and based on good products alongside suppliers that will provide you good back-up service. Most importantly, we teach the client and carers the manual-handling techniques and how to use the equipment


  • Manual Handling techniques customised to the client
  • Slide board
  • Wheeled commode
  • Tilt-in-space commode
  • Standing hoist with or without sling
  • Beds, mattresses & chairs
  • Standing turner
  • Hoist – full body
  • Ceiling track hoist
  • Gantry hoist – independent use without carer  and much much more

We can help!  Go to our ‘Contact & Referral’ page, email us your details and we will contact you.