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Home Modifications

Feeling unsafe getting up & down the stairs?
Having trouble with your old bathroom?
Issues getting to and from your door at home?
Scared you may fall?

We can help!  James from Melbourne Occupational Therapy Services worked for over 12 years in construction before becoming an Occupational Therapist. With this experience, James and his team can talk through options that will ensure you stay as safe and independent as possible, now and into the future.

Go to our ‘Contact & Referral’ page, email us your details and we will contact you.

At times, thousands of dollars are spent on home modifications that become quickly unusable. This can be particularly important as many people transition from walking independently to needing a walker or wheelchair. They sometimes find the expensive bathroom they have just had installed is too difficult and unsafe to use.


1/ We assess you.  We look at your abilities and any medical, age-related or functional issues you may have. We recommend home modifications that will work for you now and into the future as your needs may change.

2/ We assess your environment.  This means we look at your home and make sure the modifications will work in the space you have.

3/ We then assess you in the environment together.  This can be the most important step. This way we can customise where modifications need to go, so they suit you.  We can help find contractors for you also, that are specialised in these types of modifications


  • Stepless bathrooms
  • Shower modifications
  • Toilet modifications
  • Bidets
  • Ramps
  • Platform steps
  • Rails
  • Stair-lifts and much much more

We can help!  Go to our ‘Contact & Referral’ page, email us your details and we will contact you.